E5 London Minicab Taxi Service

When it comes to affordable, easy and convenient travel in E5, London, nothing beats minicabs. Although they lack the grandeur and extravagance of the classing black taxi, they are always much cheaper and can get the job done very effectively when travelling in E5, London.

E5 London minicabs are ordinary cars driven by ordinary drivers. However, before they can cab they must pass a good number of exams and health tests to make sure they are not a hazard to you or other road users. Furthermore, the whole E5 London minicab industry is heavily regulated by the PCO (Public Carriage Office), and with the help of  taxi insurance experts Zego analyzed the data. From the quality of the cabs to the health of the drivers, the PCO goes every length to ensure that you feel safe and protected in any E5 London minicab you choose to sit in.

All E5 London minicab bookings must be made through a central office. Any cab that offers you a lift without a booking is most likely a fraudster, so do not, under any circumstances, accept a lift from an unknown driver. Furthermore, each E5 London minicab taxi has a yellow sticker on its windscreen. Make sure this sticker is present and valid before entering the cab.

When you make your E5 minicab taxi booking, the person handling your call will ask you for your name, address, destination address. You should, in return, request all the details of your cab driver, such as the make and model of their car, their name etc. Not only does this make it easier to find your cab, but it also makes sure you are safe. Alternatively, you could make a booking online by visiting the company website.

When youve made your booking, youll be told the fare price of the journey. Keep your change in hand as this will make the transaction easy. Lastly, make sure you keep all your belongings with you at all times whilst in the cab, and dont forget anything because there is every chance you will not be getting it back. Oh, and by the way, dont forget the cabbys tip :)

East London Minicabs is a provider of E5 London minicab taxi services. We have been serving this area since 2013 and have become a leader in the E5 London minicab taxi service industry. So to book your E5 minicab taxi service, contact East London Minicabs at 020 7112 8394 and book your E5 cab right now!